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Wakanda's Passion *Changing Constance*
  • Wakanda's Passion *Changing Constance*

    100 Milliliters

    Wakanda's Passion is a fragrance reminiscent of Changing Constance® it is a fragrance from Penhaligon’s that has been created with the story of the sister to Lady Blanche, Constance in mind.


    This punchy fragrance leads with a fresh and spicy entrance that gives an immediately intriguing note. This blend contains head notes of cardamom and hot pimento, while still possessing a mild affinity to Constance’s favourite childhood treat, where she could always be found tucking into salted caramel butter as she twirls her Turkish cigar, clad in perfectly tailored cashmere trousers. With heart notes of salted butter, caramel, with flows into base notes of tobacco accord, vanilla and cashmeran.



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