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Tropical Thunder *Taj Sunset*
  • Tropical Thunder *Taj Sunset*

    100 Milliliters

    Tropical Thunder is a fragrance reminiscent of Taj sunset® it is a vibrant and tropical fragrance for women, released in 2011 by the renowned fashion and fragrance brand Escada. Inspired by the mesmerizing beauty of the Indian sunset, Tropical Thunder captures the essence of exotic destinations and warm summer evenings.


    The opening of Tropical Thunder is bright and energetic, featuring a juicy and refreshing burst of fruity notes. The top notes are dominated by the succulent and tropical aroma of mango, which sets the tone for the fragrance. This juicy mango note is complemented by the sweet and tangy accents of blood orange and passionfruit, adding a tropical and summery vibe to the composition.


    As the scent develops, the heart notes emerge, bringing a floral and sensual touch to the fragrance. The centerpiece of the heart is the enchanting and exotic frangipani, also known as plumeria, which exudes a delicate and intoxicating floral scent. It is accompanied by the creamy and slightly spicy notes of peony, creating a soft and feminine floral bouquet.

    The base notes of Tropical Thunder provide a warm and comforting foundation, adding depth and longevity to the fragrance. The sweet and creamy notes of coconut milk bring a tropical and beachy vibe, while the earthy and woody nuances of sandalwood provide a subtle richness. The combination of these base notes adds a touch of sensuality and creates a lingering trail.


    Tropical Thunder is a fragrance that embodies a carefree and joyful spirit, capturing the essence of exotic summer destinations. It is a perfect choice for warm weather or vacation settings, as it evokes a sense of relaxation and tropical paradise. Tropical Thunder is well-suited for daytime wear and outdoor activities, bringing a burst of freshness and vibrancy to any occasion.


    In summary, Tropical Thunder is a tropical and fruity fragrance that captures the essence of a beautiful sunset in an exotic destination. With its juicy mango, tropical fruit notes, delicate florals, and warm base, Tropical Thunder creates a vibrant and joyful experience that transports you to a summer paradise.

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