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Peruvian Passion *Invictus* 100ml
  • Peruvian Passion *Invictus* 100ml


    Peruvian Passion is fragrance reminiscent of Invictus® Peruvian Passion opens with a burst of fresh and zesty notes. The top notes feature a combination of grapefruit and sea salt, creating a refreshing and invigorating introduction. These notes provide an immediate sense of energy and dynamism, evoking a feeling of a brisk ocean breeze.

    As the fragrance develops, it reveals its heart notes, which consist of aromatic and floral elements. The dominant note in the heart is the aromatic and herbal scent of bay leaf, accompanied by jasmine. These notes add depth and complexity to the composition, while maintaining a clean and uplifting character.

    The base notes of Peruvian Passion are where the fragrance leaves a lasting impression. It features a blend of warm and sensual notes, including guaiac wood, oakmoss, ambergris, and patchouli. These notes provide a solid and long-lasting foundation, creating a seductive and masculine dry-down that lingers on the skin.

    Overall, Peruvian Passion is a vibrant and masculine fragrance that combines fresh citrus, aromatic herbs, and warm woods. It is often described as an invigorating and confident scent, perfect for those who embrace competition and strive for success

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