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Norwegian Fjord *Ultra Male*
  • Norwegian Fjord *Ultra Male*

    100 Milliliters

    Norwegian Fjord is a fragrance reminiscent of Ultra Male® it is an intense and seductive fragrance for men that was launched in 2015 as a flanker to the iconic Le Male fragrance. It is designed to be a bolder and more audacious interpretation, pushing the boundaries of sensuality and masculinity.


    The fragrance opens with a burst of fresh and aromatic notes. The top notes feature a lively combination of bergamot, pear, and mint, creating a refreshing and invigorating start. These notes provide a vibrant and energetic introduction to the scent.


    As Norwegian Fjord develops, it reveals its heart notes, which are dominated by a rich and decadent blend of lavender and cinnamon. The lavender adds a touch of floral elegance, while the cinnamon brings warmth and spice to the composition. Together, these notes create a seductive and alluring heart that draws attention.


    The base notes of Norwegian Fjord are where the fragrance truly stands out. It features a powerful and addictive combination of vanilla, amber, and woods. The vanilla adds a creamy and sweet quality, while the amber and woods provide depth and richness. This combination creates a long-lasting and sensual dry-down that leaves a captivating trail.


    One notable aspect of Norwegian Fjord is its gourmand character. The fragrance has a prominent note of black plum that contributes to its sweetness and richness, adding a luscious and delectable touch to the overall composition.


    Overall, Norwegian Fjord is a daring and irresistible fragrance that combines fresh, aromatic, and gourmand elements. It exudes confidence, sensuality, and charisma, making it a popular choice for those seeking a fragrance that leaves a lasting impression.

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