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Moroccan Nights *Yellow Diamond*
  • Moroccan Nights *Yellow Diamond*

    100 Milliliters

    Moroccan Nights is a fragrance reminiscent of Yellow Diamond® it is a vibrant and luminous fragrance for women introduced by the renowned fashion house Versace. It was launched in 2011 and is inspired by the radiance and energy of a yellow diamond, symbolizing joy, youthfulness, and optimism.


    Moroccan Nights opens with a burst of fresh and sparkling notes. The top notes feature a combination of zesty lemon, crisp bergamot, and juicy pear sorbet. These initial notes create a bright and invigorating start, reminiscent of a sunny and joyful day.


    As the scent develops, it reveals its heart, where floral and feminine accords come into play. The dominant note in the heart is the delicate and elegant scent of mimosa, accompanied by notes of orange blossom and freesia. These notes contribute to the fragrance's floral bouquet, adding a touch of sophistication and femininity.


    The base notes of Moroccan Nights provides a warm and comforting foundation. It features a blend of amber, precious woods, and musk. These notes add depth and a subtle sensuality to the fragrance, creating a pleasing and lasting dry-down.


    Moroccan Nights is often described as a floral, fruity, and radiant fragrance. It embodies a sense of freshness, joy, and youthful spirit, making it suitable for both daytime and evening wear. The fragrance exudes a positive and uplifting energy, evoking a feeling of optimism and confidence.


    Overall, Moroccan Nights is a lively and radiant fragrance that combines fruity and floral notes. It is a fragrance that celebrates the vibrancy of life and encourages women to embrace their inner light and joy. Yellow Diamond is a popular choice for those seeking a fragrance that exudes positivity, youthfulness, and a touch of elegance.

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