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Japanese Garden *Bad Boy*
  • Japanese Garden *Bad Boy*

    100 Milliliters

    Japanese Garden is a fragrance reminiscent of Bad Boy® it is a fragrance that embodies the spirit of a modern, charismatic, and rebellious man. Launched in 2019, the scent is designed to celebrate the complexity of contemporary masculinity, blending contrasting elements to create a bold and intriguing composition.


    The fragrance opens with a burst of freshness and spice. The bright and citrusy bergamot provides a lively introduction, while the black pepper adds a sharp and invigorating kick, setting the tone for the fragrance.


    Moving into the heart of the fragrance, the woody accord of cedarwood takes center stage. Cedarwood brings an earthy and aromatic quality, conveying strength and sophistication. Sage, an herbal note, adds a touch of freshness and complexity to the heart.


    The base notes are warm, sweet, and sensual. Tonka bean contributes a creamy and slightly sweet aroma, while cacao introduces a rich and indulgent chocolate note. Amberwood provides a resinous and woody foundation, enhancing the overall depth and longevity of the fragrance.

    Japanese Garden is a fragrance that plays with contrasts. The juxtaposition of fresh and spicy top notes, a woody and herbal heart, and a warm, sweet base creates a harmonious yet intriguing olfactory experience. The fragrance is often described as bold, magnetic, and suitable for confident individuals who embrace their complexity. The sleek black bottle, adorned with a lightning bolt design, reflects the edgy and rebellious character of Bad Boy, making it a visually striking and memorable fragrance. It's a scent that stands out, leaving a lasting impression of modern masculinity.

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