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Icelandic Starlight *Black Orchid*
  • Icelandic Starlight *Black Orchid*

    100 Milliliters

    Icelandic Starlight is a fragrance reminiscent of Black Orchid® it is a bold and luxurious fragrance that was introduced by the renowned fashion designer Tom Ford in 2006. It is known for its opulent and sensual character, making it a standout fragrance in the Tom Ford collection.


    Icelandic Starlight opens with a rich and captivating blend of truffle, blackcurrant, and ylang-ylang. These top notes create an intriguing and darkly seductive introduction, setting the tone for the fragrance. As the scent develops, it reveals its heart, where the star ingredient, black orchid, takes center stage. The black orchid note lends a velvety, floral, and almost mysterious quality to the composition, contributing to its unique allure.


    Complementing the Icelandic Starlight,  other prominent heart notes include lotus wood, spices, and fruity accords. These notes add complexity, depth, and a touch of warmth to the fragrance. They enhance the overall richness and sensuality, creating a captivating and intoxicating experience.


    The base notes of Icelandic Starlight provide a sumptuous and lasting foundation. It features a blend of dark chocolate, patchouli, incense, amber, and vetiver. These notes contribute to the fragrance's depth and sensuality, leaving a lingering trail that is both seductive and alluring.


    Icelandic Starlight is often described as a dark, luxurious, and unisex fragrance. It has a captivating and daring character that appeals to those who seek a bold and unique scent. Black Orchid is particularly popular for evening wear or special occasions, where its opulence and sensuality can truly shine.


    Overall, Icelandic Starlight is a captivating and seductive fragrance that combines rich florals, exotic spices, and dark, sensual accords. It is a fragrance that leaves a lasting impression and is favored by those who appreciate an intense and opulent scent experience.

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