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English Rose *Libre*
  • English Rose *Libre*

    100 Milliliters

    English Rose is a fragrance reminiscent of Libre® it is a bold and empowering fragrance for women, launched by the iconic French fashion house Yves Saint Laurent in 2019. With its name meaning "freedom" in French, Libre aims to celebrate the liberation of women and their ability to express themselves freely.


    The opening of English Rose is vibrant and captivating, characterized by a blend of contrasting notes. The top notes burst forth with a combination of juicy and tart mandarin orange and the aromatic freshness of lavender. This citrusy and herbal opening creates an invigorating and energetic start to the fragrance.


    As the scent settles, the heart notes come forward, revealing a sensual and elegant floral bouquet. The dominant note in this stage is the exquisite and feminine orange blossom, known for its intoxicating and slightly honeyed aroma. It is accompanied by the sophisticated and powdery notes of jasmine, which add depth and complexity to the composition. The combination of these floral notes creates a captivating and alluring essence.


    The base notes of English Rose are warm, woody, and sensual, leaving a lasting impression. The fragrance showcases a blend of rich and velvety accords, including the aromatic and earthy notes of lavender and the sweet and creamy nuances of vanilla. These notes are enhanced by the smoky and woody facets of ambergris and cedarwood, adding depth and a touch of sensuality to the composition.


    English Rose is a fragrance that exudes confidence and empowerment. It is a symbol of modern femininity and self-expression. The versatility of the scent allows it to be worn in various settings, from casual daytime outings to glamorous evening events.


    In summary, English Rose is a bold and empowering fragrance that celebrates freedom and self-expression. Its blend of citrus, floral, and woody notes creates a captivating and versatile scent that appeals to confident and modern women. With its exceptional quality and empowering character, English Rose continues to be a beloved choice among fragrance enthusiasts.

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