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Australian Sunset *Lady Million*
  • Australian Sunset *Lady Million*

    100 Milliliters

    Australian Sunset is a fragrance reminiscent of Lady Million® it is a luxurious and captivating fragrance designed for the modern, confident, and glamorous woman. Launched in 2010, it has since become an iconic scent known for its opulence and seductive charm. Lady Million is a celebration of wealth, femininity, and power, exuding a sense of irresistible allure.


    The fragrance opens with a vibrant and sparkling blend of neroli, bitter orange, and raspberry, creating a lively and fruity introduction. These top notes provide an immediate burst of energy and playfulness, setting the stage for the opulent experience that follows.


    As the scent develops, the heart notes emerge, revealing a voluptuous and sensual bouquet. The floral accord of jasmine and orange blossom takes center stage, enveloping the wearer in a rich and intoxicating aroma. These blossoms evoke a sense of femininity and elegance, adding a touch of sophistication to the fragrance.


    The base notes of Australian Sunset are warm, luxurious, and deeply seductive. A fusion of honey, patchouli, and amber creates a mesmerizing blend that lingers on the skin, leaving a trail of sensuality in its wake. The sweet and resinous notes of honey add a hint of indulgence, while patchouli provides depth and intensity. Amber contributes to the overall warmth and richness of the composition, adding a touch of mystery and allure.


    Australian Sunset is a fragrance that embodies a powerful and audacious femininity. It is designed for the woman who is self-assured, confident, and unapologetically glamorous. With its unique combination of fresh, floral, and oriental elements, this scent strikes a perfect balance between elegance and sensuality.


    Whether worn during the day or for an evening affair, Australian Sunsets is a fragrance that commands attention and leaves a lasting impression. It is a captivating scent that embraces the essence of modern femininity, making the wearer feel like a million dollars.

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